Michael Bichard: the Design Council and the UK Design’s Great White Hope


Interesting piece over at The Times by Tom Dyckhoff about Sir Michael Bichard, the new chairman of the UK’s Design Council, the group who helps leads the country in all things design-y. In it, he’s described, perhaps to too much excess, as being the anti-“designer” (meaning he doesn’t look or talk like one) who has nothing but hopes for the UK to expand its presence in the field. The piece covers all the interesting details of how a button-down lawyer became the head of the Council, as well as a lot of information about the rise and fall and potential-rise-again of the agency. And if Bichard can turn things around, it couldn’t come at a better time, with pieces like David Chipperfield decrying the state of British architecture in the very same paper or Jim Dawton talking to Design Week about the product design industry in the UK, describing it as “over-confident, overpaid and in danger of being left behind.”