Mic Relaunches iPhone App

An app you might never actually open.

screen696x696-1Mic has relaunched its MicCheck iOS app — now called Mic — to take full advantage of rich notifications in iOS 10. The result is an app that users might never actually open.

When iPhone users receive a notification from Mic, they simply press down and are shown a short video or other content.

“We see this as a big reduction in friction for mobile news consumption,” explained Mic’s team, in a post about the app. “With traditional news apps, you receive a notification, swipe it to open, launch the corresponding app, load the article or video and then consume. With Mic on iPhone, you get the notification and consume the story directly upon 3D Touch.”

To keep Mic notifications from becoming overwhelming, Mic users select the topics that interest them. Over time, Mic will use the data collected from users’ habits to offer even more personalization.

Mic’s new app is available now in the iTunes store.