Mic Redesigns Its Site With 9 New Channels

And updates its logo

While some publications are creating standalone brands meant to live and stay on various social media platforms, Mic has used those platforms as an incubator for brands it has now introduced to its digital site as brand-specific channels, with an attendant line-up of advertisers.

In addition to the introduction of brands, Mic has also updated its logo, which is now dot-less and sports a new color scheme.

Wall Street Journal’s Mike Shields reports that those seven channels, plus two additional soon-to-be launched channels, were all “born out of editorial experiments over the past two years.” Some of them, like Slay, gained popularity on social (Instagram in the women-focused Slay’s particular case), while others already existed on the site in a different incarnation. The channel Payoff, for example, was previously known as Money Mic.

Mic’s mix of cultural and newsy brands also includes: Hype, which focuses on pop culture; the self-explanatory political channel Navigating Trump’s America; Strut, a style site that promotes “an inclusive new idea of personal style,”; The Movement, which covers activism and social justice issues; and tech-focused The Future Is Now.

Two more, the travel and food-focused Out of Office and Multiplayer, about all things gaming, will launch shortly.

“Each channel has its own visual identity that’s been shaped by the editorial mission and how its users interact with content,” wrote publisher Cory Haik in a post describing the channels and Mic’s homepage update. The homepage has also sped up loading times by using elements of AMP and progressive web app principles.

That publisher title, incidentally, is a new one for Haik; she had been chief strategy officer.

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