Mexico’s Lone Sochi Rep Will Hit the Slopes in a Mariachi Outfit

We just learned several fascinating things about “Prince” Hubertus von Hohenlohe, who will be Mexico’s sole representative at February’s Sochi Games. He is:

  • The second oldest Winter Olympian ever at 55
  • More Austrian than Mexican (1/8)
  • Not technically a Prince
  • A real-life karaoke star with the stage name “Andy Himalaya”
  • A “photographer” whose 2005 exhibit “It’s Me!” was—wait for it—a series of selfies.

Most importantly, he will slalom down the Sochi slopes in this outfit, created exclusively for him by sportswear brand Kappa:


Despite the fact that he knows very little about the country he’s representing, he says that the outfit is a tribute to his Mexican heritage and that the unofficial “Best Dressed Olympian” title is “a medal I need so urgently.”

Click through for the best shot (all pics courtesy of the man himself, of course)…


Now wasn’t that worth it? We love this guy.

Wait, why were we covering him again? Oh, right: good publicity for Kappa. Or something.

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