Mexican Journalist Miguel Angel Lopez Velasco and His Family Murdered in Their Beds*

The LA TimesDaniel Hernandez Tracy Wilkinson has the awful story of Mexican journalist Miguel Angel Lopez Velasco, who was shot to death while he slept last night in his Veracruz home. His wife and son were murdered alongside him.

From Wilkinson:

Lopez Velasco, 55, wrote a regular column for the newspaper Notiver, one of the largest in Veracruz state, and served as a top editor. His columns frequently highlighted government corruption or detailed matters involving drug trafficking and other crimes and violence. He often skewered politicians, police and criminals, whoever he thought deserving of criticism, colleagues said.

“Everyone knew him or knew of him,” Gerardo Perdomo, head of the Veracruz Commission to Defend Journalists, said by telephone from the city. “He was very critical. He told the truth.”

Velasco was the second journalist killed this year in Veracruz and the 70th in Mexico since 2000. The family’s home was only two blocks away from a police station.

*Hernandez tweeted Wilkinson’s item and we read the piece without glancing at the byline, assuming it was his. We regret the error.