Metropolitan Home Launches Design News Magazine, Fulcrum


Maybe attempting to create the UnBeige of the glossy world, Metropolitan Home has launched a new companion magazine called Fulcrum, which will cover all things design and architecture news, but for people who don’t have time read blogs like ours, though need to remain up-to-date on what’s going on (which seems a little improbable, if being in the immediate know is that important to them — but maybe we’re just slightly biased). The debut issue, which is being released attached to Metropolitan Home (but will later exist on its own) looks great, seemingly borrowing some layout ideas from web design and small-run design magazines to very nice effect. The thing we really enjoyed is their commissioning an ever-changing “Post Editor,” a new one each month, who will essentially add Flickr-esque hovering notes on top of whatever they want throughout the issue. It’s a novel, fun idea, but we’ll have to check in to see if it retains its value or blends into the background and seems like just those editorial asides and snippets so common anymore in magazines. Overall, we’re impressed with Fulcrum and hope it makes a real go of it.