Metropolis Nabs Peter Mendelsund


Fun little bit over at Metropolis magazine about getting Peter Mendelsund to design their latest issue, after courting him for a while now. Both a story about how they approached him, as well as how they worked with him once he was on board with the gig. What’s more, they show off both the cover they decided upon, but also the one that was the runner-up. It’s a short piece, but cool, particularly if you’re a Mendelsund fan. Here’s a bit:

We tried to collaborate with Peter Mendelsund last year but ran into scheduling conflicts. Then I saw five of his book covers at the AIGA‘s 50/50 exhibition, and it reminded me to reach out to him again. We asked him to create an image to represent our product issue, which is centered around localism. Peter came back with a flurry of ideas, but two really stuck out…