Metro Weekly Bows to the Next Generation

Metro Weekly hosted a evening soiree on the rooftop of Donovan House this week. The Thursday evening event was to celebrate the publication’s Next Generation Award Winners for doing exceptional work in their communities. WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart was in the mix — he served on the panel judges who chose the award winners.

Capeheart narrowly avoided getting thrown in the swimming pool.

The evening was touching. Sean Bugg, Metro Weekly‘s co-publisher, announced the four award winners, each of whom gave emotional speeches about the hardships they’ve endured being gay or transgendered. They all expressed profound gratitude and surprise over receiving the stunning rich brown blown glass accolades. A Metro Weekly photographer, whose bright pink striped underwear was more than peeking out of his low-cut dark trousers, captured the whole low-key but chic scene.

Capehart told FishbowlDC that it wasn’t hard for the judges to determine who the winners would be. He said the choices emerged clearly and that the panel was in full agreement. This year’s winners: Gregory Cendana, Victoria Kirby, Daniel O’Neill and Sadie Ryanne Vashti. Some of the award winners voiced what they were doing when Bugg called and told them the good news. O’Neill remarked, “When Sean called, I was studying for my OBGYN exam, which is the closest I’ll ever get to that area.” Partygoers laughed. Kirby recalled screaming in Bugg’s ear when he phoned her. “I’m just glad he’s hearing properly,” she said.

Spotted in the crowd: Facebook’s Andrew Noyes, who was still recovering from a tough day of publicity fallout after Facebook was exposed for trying to smear Google, Metro Weekly‘s White House correspondent Chris Geidner, and GOProud Co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia.

Bugg, Cendana, Kirby, Vashti and O’Neill

The scene

Jonathan Capehart

Sean Bugg and Chris Geidner