Metro Area Unemployment November 2009: Big Surprise, Worse Than 2008

Unemployment was worse in November 2009 than in Nov. 2008 in all 372 metropolitan areas, according to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Seventeen areas reported unemployment of 15 percent or higher, up from 15 areas at 15 or higher in October; another 125 areas reported unemployment of 10-15 percent, up from 109 areas at 10-15 percent in October.

El Centro, California is at almost 30 percent unemployment.

Now the good less bad news: of the 49 metropolitan areas with 1 million or more people, the lowest unemployment rates are in New Orleans, La., Washington, D.C., and Oklahoma City, Okla.

Here are some jobs from our job board in Nola and DC:

Implementation Consultant at Scholastic (New Orleans)

Assistant Vice President at Widmeyer Communications (DC)

Reporter – CongressDaily at Atlantic Media Company (DC)

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