Meteor Games Partners with Hydra to Monetize and Grow User Base

Meteor Games, developers of the Island Paradise Facebook Game hit, have partnered with Hydra in order to acquire new players and better monetize their userbase. Hydra will take care of managing advertising inventory for Meteor Games’ 600,000,000 monthly impressions as well as manage new player acquisition efforts on Facebook.

In our recent interview with Meteor Games co-founder Donna Powell, she revealed that their smash hit Island Paradise achieved it’s 7,000,000 monthly users without the use of advertising networks or acquisition partners. The game was spread through word of mouth, and its timing, quality and social elements were what drove the player growth. Certainly, that’s a feat in today’s game world, where games like Playdom’s Social City rocket to 5,000,000 users in two weeks, largely on the backs of acquisition networks.

Hydra drive 1,000,000 customers a month for their advertisers by using their Hydra Network, and now hope to focus this on Meteor Games. Meteor will be an exclusive publishing partner for Hydra, which means that they will be promoting Meteor Games to all of their premium clients and attempting to monetize the massive Meteor Games userbase.

The founders of Meteor Games are also the founders of the classic Neopets game and franchisewhich eventually grew to 45 million users and is considered one of the first casual MMO games. Certainly, Meteor Games is off to a great start and this partnership will likely build both companies’ profiles in the months to come. Read the press release here.

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