MetaPlace Wants to be the MySpace of the Virtual World

When we talk of virtual worlds, the first thing that would normally come into our minds is Second Life. Despite its flaws, Second Life has become the major virtual community on the web. But that is not to say that Second Life is THE ONLY virtual world. There are still other companies which provide a 3D platform where users can create their own 3D virtual world. One of them is Metaplace.

Metaplace claims itself as the world’s first open platform that provides anyone to create, build and live in their own unique virtual world. It aims to lets users create a network of worlds that vary from being a gaming community to a business environment with members that collaborate, socialize and do business. In short, Metaplace wants to be the MySpace of virtual worlds, and to do that it tries to assimilate the real-life community, although in the most imaginative and creative way.

The people behind Metaplace hopes to make it easy for users to create their own community and let it grow to whatever purposes they want it to achieve. The Metaplace world caters to both new users and professional game developers. And it hopes to become the virtual equivalent of profile pages in your regular social networking site.

Metaplace’s business model is clearly seen even though the site is still in beta. And what could this business model be? You have to look back and find out that it might actually be used by Second Life – virtual ads?

Would the $6.7 million funding recently awarded to Metaplace, we’re pretty sure that it might be able to catch up with Second Life.