Metallica Continues Assault on Music Fans


We don’t even know where to begin with this one, but we’ll give it a shot. Remember Metallica, the band that provided lists of thousands of fans that allegedly shared their music on Napster? And the one that withheld their music from iTunes until the last possible moment?

It turns out they appeared to have a change of heart about this whole digital thing. CNET News reports that the band invited some music bloggers into the studio to hear the new album they’re working on. The band never asked them to sign any NDAs, or even told them what they could or couldn’t write about.

So imagine the music journalists surprise when, after writing on their blogs what they thought of what they heard, the band’s management instructed them to take everything down or to face legal action. Management claimed that they were rough tracks and that they shouldn’t be subject to reviews.

We’re not sure what the band was thinking when they invited music reviewers to hear the album.

“Metallica has once again shown that it’s held in contempt all over the world for good reason,” the article said. “Why would we even consider buying an album from a band that continually pushes all the wrong buttons and contends that it’s actually protecting the music industry in the process?”