Metadata+ App Sends You Push Notification for Every US Drone Strike

The era of political activism is ripe even if large corporations are hesitant to join. If this Metadata+ App that tracks US drone strikes is any indication, companies like Apple are not interested in pushing political hot buttons.

According to the maker of Metadata+, Josh Begley, the app was rejected five times since 2012 before being admitted into the App Store. How did it finally get approval? Semantic trickery.

Metadata+ iPhone App from Josh Begley on Vimeo.

Begley was told by Apple’s app reviewers that an app that simply tracked drone strikes would not be accepted if it had no other function. The reason? Apple claimed that drone strikes was “not useful or entertaining enough” and that it “did not appeal to a wide audience.” Begley’s persistence finally paid off when he created an app called Metadata+ without any content or description, only adding the drone archives after the app was somehow approved.

Why the name Metadata? It was taken from this tweet about the use of metadata.