In this Washington Post article by Marcia Davis, watch out for the metaphors all around you:

    It was beginning to look as if the Democrats had shown up to a knife fight without a knife yesterday.

    There were some deft jabs, for sure, and Democrats did visit the territories they had promised–from abortion rights to executive power to issues of discrimination and the appellate judge’s ethics. But the Dems didn’t rampage, didn’t storm the barricades as all their tough talk had promised. . . .

    That’s hard to take when Americans have been promised a smackdown. This is a reality TV nation, a WWF kinda country, where we like to see a fight even when we know it isn’t real, even when we know the stakes might just be a bag of Cheetos.

    So when it’s the Supreme Court, well, that’s when the sparks are supposed to fly.

(Source: WSJ’s Best of the Web)