Messaging App Line Now Gives You 24 Hours to Unsend Messages

Users can remove text, stickers, photos and more

You have 24 hours to change your mind

Messaging application Line now allows users to unsend messages that they’ve sent within the past 24 hours.

Users running the latest version of the Line app can now unsend a message by tapping and holding on it, then tapping “Unsend” on the menu that appears. This will remove the message from view for both the sender and the recipient(s), and a notification will be added to the conversation showing that a message has been unsent.

The unsend feature allows users to unsend text messages, stickers, photos and more.

This update follows WhatsApp’s recent introduction of its own message delete feature. However, where Line users have 24 hours to unsend a message, WhatsApp users only have seven minutes to do so.