Messages are No Longer In-House

Updated by Nick O’Neill

Mike Arrington is extremely giddy about Facebook upgrading their messaging system. I think they’ve made a great step but honestly I don’t see this as a big enough one. I’m already fortunate enough to be able to read all my Facebook messages on my Blackberry so this isn’t really a big change for me.

Normally, messages were directed into Facebook’s internal system, binding the user to log in, read the note and reply. See below for an example of the new functionality.


As Nick has previously suggested, Facebook needs to revamp their messaging system completely. Currently I can’t search through messages, sort my messages, view only my unread messages or anything that my email solution currently provides me with. I hate to hold Facebook messaging to such high standards (I never did for MySpace), but Facebook has become one of my centers of communication. I have practically the same number of messages in my Facebook inbox as I do in my email inbox.

I’d be interested to see how this affects page views and therefore, standings within other social network services. Jay Meattle, I’m waiting for those November statistics. 😉