MessageMe adds stickers and camera features to its iOS mobile messaging app

messageme-650Image via MessageMe

Mobile messaging company MessageMe has today announced new functionality for its iOS app, bringing stickers and new photography options to the platform.

Now, users can tap on a camera icon to take a photo from within the app itself. These pictures can then be sent instantly to anyone also on the MessageMe platform. The app also features support for importing images from a device’s gallery, and images can be sent to up to 100 friends or groups at the same time.

Like other mobile messaging applications across the US and Asia, MessageMe has also adopted a stickers system, giving users a chance to use special emoticons when chatting with friends.

TinyCo and Hullabalu have partnered with MessageMe to bring their own branded stickers to the platform, with more general and branded stickers expected to come online in the next weeks and months. Stickers like “rage faces” are free, while others, including branded stickers, are unlocked via microtransactions, typically costing $1.99 per pack.

MessageMe experienced huge growth as soon as it launched. The program had more than one million active users within two weeks of its launch back in March. With the arrival of a stickers feature, the company looks to capitalize on the massive stickers market on iOS, which has resulted in Japan’s Line messaging app earning $17 million in the first quarter of 2013 alone.

“At MessageMe, we’re committed to allowing individuals to express themselves using any medium they choose,” says a company release. “We will continue to build a service that augments a natural and emergent language that heavily utilizes visual expression on connected devices.”

MessageMe is now available to download for free on iOS. You can follow the app’s growth on AppData, our tracking tool for mobile and social apps and developers.