Message Systems announces renewed partnership with Facebook, continues using platform for messaging products

Message Systems has announced that it has renewed its relationship with Facebook. Message Systems develops software that powers complex email, text and cross-channel operations. Facebook will continuing using the Momentum platform for its own messaging products. Working together since 2009, this is the first time the companies have announced their partnership publicly.

Prior to its use of the Momentum platform, Facebook used its own open source platforms to distribute messages, notifications and emails. With the Momentum platform, Facebook is able to deliver faster performance on less hardware. By opting for more efficient software, they are able to leave less of a carbon footprint and create a more reliable, repeatable process.

As the largest digital messaging platform by volume, Message Systems is responsible for 20 percent of email shared on the internet. It has also stated that Facebook is responsible for around 7 percent of emails sent across all inboxes. The Momentum platform has been able to grow with Facebook’s rapidly growing infrastructure. The implementation of the Momentum platform has helped Facebook drive down data center costs.

George Schlossnagle, president and CEO of Message Systems also adds in the press release, “The Momentum platform has proven that it can scale to handle Facebook’s high message volumes, and also provide the kind of flexibility Facebook requires to meet evolving technical challenges. We look forward to working together with Facebook in the years ahead to continue to help them meet their messaging challenges.”