Merry’s Non-Merry Paragraph

A number of readers have wondered what exactly Bob Merry meant in the following paragraph of his David Rapp notice:

    For people in the Pubs News Division, let me add that I am aware that some questions have been raised in recent weeks about the balance between our editorial missions and the resources needed to accomplish those missions. I am asking Dave, in his remaining time here, to spearhead an effort to both study the current situation and to help craft a solution. I also will be very much involved in this and in fact will have a greater presence on the fifth floor than I have had in the past. You can expect to hear about a series of meetings next Friday to discuss this as well as any questions posed in anyone’s mind about what comes next in the newsroom. I am mindful that, whenever an executive of such longstanding tenure and such high impact departs our enterprise, it naturally raises questions about the future. I want to ensure that we have plenty of communication with the staff as this process of transition unfolds.

Well, CQers, help us read between the lines on this one…