Merrill’s Death Ruled A Suicide

Philip Merrill apparently took his own life, his family said in a statement last night. According to the Washington Post, Merrill was found with a shotgun wound to the head and a small anchor tied around one or both ankles.

From the family’s statement: “Over the past four weeks we observed that his spirit had dimmed. We spoke to him and consulted his physician about it. He was fatigued and unmotivated, a clear departure from his lifelong optimistic outlook and irrepressible spirit. We were concerned for his welfare but never imagined that he would consider taking his own life.”

Executive editor of the Capital Tom Marquardt: “To be honest with you, I’m speechless. … This ending does not change his accomplishments one iota.”

The Baltimore Sun reports that a worker at the state medical examiner’s office said yesterday afternoon that the office was “waiting for further police examination” before announcing the autopsy result. Asked how the process was proceeding, she said, “We’re looking at the circumstances.”