Meredith Shiner Out at Roll Call

It seems that this might be the beginning of another hemorrhage at Roll Call. We reported two days ago on the explosive exit  of Chief Product Officer Peter Anthony. Now, in an email to sources, Congressional writer Meredith Shiner announced her departure from the org.* She warned people that while her CQ Roll Call email address will remain open for another month, any emails sent there could and probably would be reviewed internally and that no one should have any expectation of privacy. Shiner joined Roll Call in 2011 after nearly two years at Politico.

*Update 7:12 p.m. : Meredith wrote us to say that her departure was not sudden. We’ve edited the post to reflect that. Her full e-mail to sources after the jump, plus the announcement from Roll Call editor-in-chief Christina Bellantoni after the jump…


I did not want to make a big deal about this, but I felt like the right thing to do was contact you: Today is my last day at Roll Call. 

If you are receiving this email, it means we have corresponded either recently or regularly. For the next month, my CQ Roll Call account will remain open but I will not have access to it. Emails sent to this account likely will be forwarded and reviewed internally over this time period, so I wanted to extend you all the courtesy of disclosure. If you send something to this address you believe to be confidential, it won’t be. 

If you send me insults about Duke, well, all that hate is public anyway. Just take it to twitter. 

Happy Friday and thank you all for being resources for me. I hope to be able to update you guys soon on my next steps. 



From Editor-in-Chief Christina Bellantoni:

I wanted to let everyone know that Meredith Shiner has decided to leave Roll Call to pursue other opportunities. Today is her last day.We recruited Meredith nearly three years ago, and she has been a leader in the newsroom ever since. From her scoops on health care for staffers to showing dedication to a great story by staking out the Senate gym in the wee hours of the morning, Meredith has done terrific and thoughtful work for this organization.

Please join me in thanking Meredith for her many contributions to Roll Call, both in storytelling and with her presence. We will miss her and are wishing her all the best in her next endeavors.

We’ll celebrate Meredith on Friday, March 28 at Lounge 201 as we toast she and Sara both for their next adventures. Shira and I are scouting for a new reporter on Team Politics, so please get in touch if you have suggestions or thoughts. Here is the posting:

Best, Christina