Meredith Moves to Make Money in Mobile

Meredith is getting ready to enter the iPad market with a Better Homes and Gardens app set to launch in November as part of a push to capture a growing mobile audience. It has just soft-launched three mobile sites for three of its brands (BHG, Parents and Fitness), with a series of apps on the way. L’Oreal and Kraft are among the launch sponsors.

Execs there said with women now accounting for more than half of mobile phone users, its brands have a big chance to connect with women as they hunt for tips and information while on the go.

“More and more of our audience was connecting with our brands in the mobile space,” said Dan Hickey, svp, digital engagement, Meredith.

Meredith used its mobile agency The Hyperfactory to build the mobile sites, which will go beyond translations of the Web pages with enhancements like a searchable recipe database and a workout music playlist.

“We’re really looking at this as the year of the mobile buildout,” said Lauren Wiener, svp of the Meredith Women’s Network, a digital sales arm of the company.