Meredith Editor’s Novel Amounts to 50 Shades of H20

Water chronicles the steamy adventures of fictional newspaper reporter Freja Folsom.

WaterCoverThe title of Jennifer Wilson’s novel is Water. But per a write-up by Joel Aschbrenner in the Des Moines Register, if copyright infringement concerns were thrown to the wind, the book would probably take a further page from E.L. James:

[Publisher] Raygun sums it up well on the book’s cover: “Wish 50 Shades of Grey had more science? Well this sexy romp filters nitrates and water politics though the soil of lust and lost ideals.”

Water follows Freja Folsom, a bullish Des Moines Tribune reporter who is facing a layoff but lands a story that could save her career: Someone is poisoning the water in Iowa. Meanwhile, a local tribal government is threatening legal action, and someone has built an illegal well into the city’s water supply.

Among the many complications, Folsom is caught in a love triangle and is sleeping with her primary source: the hunky director of Des Moines Water Works.

Wilson, an editor with Meredith Corp., has written a couple of other books and previously edited Des Moines alt-weekly Cityview. Interestingly enough, Raygun, a local T-shirt manufacturer venturing into the publishing business, is run by someone that Wilson hired as an intern at Cityview some 15 years ago.

Water is currently available for pre-order.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.