Mercedes Creates A Twitter Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Commercial

Using slick visuals and viewer participation, Mercedes ran a three-part commercial over the weekend to introduce its new A-Class line. And Twitter users were in control of how the commercial played out.

In what they called a social media first, Mercedes created the #YOUDRIVE commercials with social media outfit Holler and Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO.

During the first two segments of the commercial, viewers were asked to tweet certain hashtags along with the staple #YOUDRIVE which would determine the outcome of the third segment.

The hashtags with the most tweets won out and directed the main character to take certain actions during the third and final episode.

The story follows the main character, musician Kane Robinson as he makes his way to a secret music gig that’s causing pandemonium on the streets. He’s chased the entire way in a silver Mercedes by police and screaming fans.

The commercial aired during X Factor over the weekend, with the finale culminating in a 90 second spot that recapped the first two segments and showed the Twitter-chosen conculsion.

This commercial even had its own trailer, and it does look pretty epic. In between fast-paced shots of a car chase, it explains that it is “a story driven by viewers… using Twitter to steer the action” and previews some of the hashtags that viewers would be asked to use to choose the ending of the commercial.

You can view the commercial yourself and choose your own ending on the YOUDRIVE YouTube channel.