Mercedes Goes Sound Design Branding


Because we’re not a site that has much to do with the automotive industry, this one almost completely passed us by. But we caught it when Dexigner just put up a little bit of new info on Mercedes introducing a new element into its branding: a sound logo. We didn’t really know what that meant either until mention was made of Intel‘s signature “do dah do doo” and McDonald’s “do dah dah dah dah.” So, apparently, not wanting to miss the boat on this one and helping you salivate for a Mercedes every time you randomly hear this set of tones, they’ve trademarked “oooh daahh doooo” (as heard here). And thus, like Intel, they have entered a world of ruining quality commercials with a tacky tag-on at the end. Here’s from Benz Insider:

The Mercedes-Benz sound logo is based on an original recording of an English boys choir from the 1990s. Sound engineers extracted a choir boy’s solo vocal from the recording and adapted it for use in the sound logo. The logo was developed in cooperation with Jung von Matt, Mercedes-Benz’ lead agency.

Another change will be the display of the actual logo. Previously, the logo was always show as a 3D star with shades and shadowed sides, but now, as you might have seen in the above commercial, the logo is a 2D white logo, without any shades in the beveled sides.