Mercedes Benz Hopes Facebook and iPhone Help Drive Sales Of New SLS AMG

Mercedes Benz has created a dedicated Facebook page to promote its new SLS AMG coupe. The car features a retro gull-wing door design that hearkens back to the company’s iconic models of the past. As part of the campaign, the company has also released an SLS AMG iPhone application that utilizes the phone’s accelerometer for 360-degree game play.

The Facebook page is a collection of promotional photos and videos of commercials featuring the car and legendary Formula One driver Michael Schumacher. The page currently has about 1,900 fans, and administrators have been consistent in giving fans a steady stream of new content. Mercedes is also using Twitter to promote the car, and the SLS AMG will grace the cover of the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 video game.

Along with a dedicated Web site for the new SLS AMG, Mercedes Benz has put the car in the hands of iPhone owners via a game application. Players will have the chance to pilot the SLS AMG using the iPhone’s accelerometer, and the app also has a multi-player mode to pit your skills against other gamers.

While the page is not directly targeting a North American audience (most of the posts and commercials are in German), the page gives the brand a strong global presence without having to spend extra money for a separate campaign for each region of the world. It’s also a good indicator that up-brands like Mercedes see the advantage of creating buzz through social networking, and it will be interesting to see how much more effort brands like Mercedes Benz put into a Facebook presence and how it translates into actual dollars.