Meow Mix Launches ‘Catstarter’, Which Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Remember when Charlie Kelly of “It’s Always Sunny” invented Kitten Mittens? Well, maybe such an ingenious cat-related product would have taken off if only a feline-centric crowdsourcing cite had existed.

Enter Meow Mix and Catstarter.

The website and campaign were thought up by agency EVB, and are meant to encourage cat-lovers to release their creativity. The site is set up like the well-known crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, but is geared specifically toward “things cats love, made by people who love cats.” The best part is that you don’t even need to donate your own money to help your favorite idea become a reality — you can just vote for the products you support, and Meow Mix will pay to bring the most popular inventions to fully-functioning life.

So get your thinking caps ready, cat people! What would you invent to make life with your feline friend more fun? A cat carrier that lures your unsuspecting kitteh into its depths rather than you having to wrestle a snarling ball of fur and claws into the tote, perhaps? I’d vote for that! A device that seeks out and vaporizes gifts of the dead mouse variety? Go for it!

But you’d better hurry, because the item currently in first place, with over 2,000 backers, is something I could use right at this very moment: “Hot Keys,” a keyboard-shaped heating pad/cat bed that will help keep your cat from adding her own spin to everything you write. Genius!