Menu: World Record Breaking Author TJ Walker Gives Public Speaking Advice

Today on the Morning Media Menu podcast, TVNewser’s Steve Krakauer talks to author and “Guinness Book of World Records” record breaker TJ Walker. Walker and co-author Jess Todtfeld spent 24 hours giving interviews for 112 talk radio shows earlier this week in order to promote their book “TJ Walker’s Secret to Foolproof Presentations.”

Walker explained that the day-long event was an attempt to show authors and other public speakers how to be successful when appearing on talk shows.

“What we didn’t try to do was to be interesting and different and say something interesting in every single interview,” Walker said. “The big blunder most authors make when they go on [talk shows] is they want to be so interesting that they try to cover every single thing they learned in their book. The problem is, that is too much and if people hear you in your interviews they don’t remember you because everything was just said once.”

Walker and Todtfeld emphasized specific tips during their 24 hours of interviews. They instructed people to “focus on your audience not on yourself” and video record speaking presentations “until you like how you come across,” Walker said.

“Speaking is not a talent you are born with, it’s something anyone can learn to do,” he added.

Walker is also giving away lots of free books in order to raise awareness. A free digital version can be found at

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