Men’s Health Living Launches

1128menshealth.jpgThe Men’s Health empire is expanding. Publisher Rodale is putting new title Men’s Health Living on shelves next week. But is it a new magazine or just a one-off? Well… noone really knows. Per Keith Kelly:

So when is the next issue coming out? Well, nobody is quite sure.

And (Dave) Zinczenko, who made another of his frequent appearances on NBC’s Today show yesterday morning to talk about exercising, was oddly mum on this topic.

The first issue made the rounds to advertisers this week.

The copy we obtained was clearly marked a “premier issue,” and inside in an editor’s letter Zinczenko waxed philosophically about how he has lived as a renter in both the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania and Manhattan until 18 months ago when he finally plunked down some money for a Manhattan pad and is now turning his attention to the home.

Ah, Rodale and their wacky Emmaus, PA ways. We interviewed Dave Zinczenko a few years back as well.