How Do Men And Women Use The Social Web? [INFOGRAPHIC]

What do men want? What do women want?

What do they both want from social media?

Ah, those age-old questions. Almost 150 million Americans now use at least one social networking site, but women are far more active than men, racking up almost 100 million more visits per month. Pinterest, of course, is notoriously female-friendly, but women also dominate on Twitter (64 percent), Facebook (58 percent) and even social gaming – only 40 percent of Zynga users are male.

Men, meanwhile, lead the way on Reddit (84 percent), Google+ (71 percent) and LinkedIn (63 percent). In fact, there are more men on LinkedIn than there are women on LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ combined.

We took a look at the social gender split a couple of weeks ago, but here’s a considerably more visually appealing take courtesy of DigitalFlashNYC.

(Source: DigitalFlashNYC. Men and women image via Shutterstock.)