Men, Women Want Different Things On Social Media Than In “Real Life”, Says Study [INFOGRAPHIC]

What do women want?

Ah, the age-old question. And the answer, of course, is everything. Or is it? Back in March, we took a look at research from NetBase that analysed the things that men and women say that they want according to their posts on social media sites, noting that the study reached an interesting conclusion. Namely, that both genders mostly want the exact same things – ice cream, cars and pizza – albeit in a different order of preference.

Overall, NetBase identified a 70 percent overlap between the sexes, and noted that 80 percent of their respective top ten lists were food items. This got them thinking: do the things that we say that we want on social media sites differ from the responses we give when we’re asked directly?

To test this theory, NetBase surveyed 1,000 men and 1,000 women aged 18-65 with a simple question: what do you want right now?

And the result? NetBase discovered that users of social media sites are more likely to provide an emotional response to “wants”, whereas surveyed individuals take more time to think about their response and their answer is usually more logical. Moreover, whether you’re asked directly or expressing your wants on channels such as Twitter and Facebook, there’s still plenty of overlap between the genders.

The data is presented in this attractive infographic below.

(Source: NetBase. Man/woman image via Shutterstock.)