Memorialized Accounts for Deceased Facebook Users Are Getting a Separate Tributes Section

Legacy contacts will have more oversight over these posts

Tributes will contain all posts made to accounts after they are memorialized Facebook

Facebook is adding a new Tributes section for memorialized accounts for deceased users, which is separate from those accounts’ Timelines.

Since February 2014, Facebook has been leaving the privacy settings on memorialized accounts unchanged from how deceased users left them.

And in February 2015, the social network introduced legacy contacts, enabling people to choose friends or family members to handle their memorialized accounts after they pass away.

Legacy contacts can handle tasks such as writing the posts that will be pinned to the top of memorialized Timelines, responding to friend requests and updating profile pictures and cover images, but they cannot log into accounts, read private messages or add or remove friends.

Facebook said in a Help Center post that the new Tributes section will contain all posts made to accounts after they are memorialized, and legacy contacts will have more control over this section.

For example, legacy contacts can decide who is allowed to post, delete posts, determine who can see posts that the deceased user is tagged in or remove the tags. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.