Memorial Day Weekend Roundup

While we’re still hearing from a lot of people about last week’s Carlos Watson posts (pro and con), unless anyone has anything new to offer, we’re going to move on.

Some items from the weekend:

Howard Kurtz’s column this week has two fun media notes:

  • The Post Business section will start publishing a few stories each week written by the WSJ’s foreign correspondents as a way to beef up the paper’s international finance view.
  • The TSA is royally pissed off about USA Today’s front-page story from Friday on a new planned high-tech scanner program for airports that would offer revealing images of those in question. The TSA’s Mark Hatfield wrote the author, “You should work for Larry Flynt,” and called the article “a sensational piece of [excrement].”

And, while they may have missed that grenade in Georgia a few weeks back, the Secret Service was all over LAT White House write Ed Chen when he tried to sneak an apple into a recent Bush speech. No word on whether it was a Red Delicious, Granny Smith, or–dare we say it?–a Northern Spy. Chen was allowed, though, to keep his two bananas.

Kit Seelye updates with the latest chapter in the PBS/CPB war of the ombudsmen.

Melanie Bloom, the widow of NBC’s David Bloom who died covering the war in Iraq, tells how she’s coping with the loss two years later.

Lastly, an item from last week we missed: The Post’s State Department correspondent Glenn Kessler appears to be caught up in a federal investigation into a “possible spy ring” involving a Pentagon employee and two pro-Israeli lobbyists.