Memo to Washington Examiner: She’s Just Not that Into You. Stop With All the Wu-ing.

The Washington Examiner is starting to emotionally feel a lot like ex-Rep. David Wu (D-Ore.). There was that weird incident in college when Wu allegedly forced himself on a woman. And that recent relationship with the 18-year-old? He says the sex was consensual. Reports say it was “unwanted.”

And so goes the Washington Examiner, dumping itself on people’s lawns when, in a growing number of cases, the customers simply don’t want it. Sure, maybe they picked it up long enough to throw it into a trashcan. Or maybe they perused it on the way to the trashcan. But no, they didn’t want it. They don’t want it. That’s right — they’re just not that into you. So stop trying to make Wu-hoopee with people who aren’t interested. It’s just getting awkward for all parties involved. Not to mention, um, creepy?

Many soured residents are taking refuge on listservs to voice complaints that the Circulation Department either isn’t listening or worse, is hard to find.

Meet Nancy who lives on Reno Road. This is from the Chevy Chase Community Listserv run by Yahoo. We’re leaving out her last name and address for obvious safety reasons. She sent this note this morning:

Does anyone know how to cancel unwanted (& unrequested) home delivery of the Washington Examiner? There is little contact information inside the paper itself, and the email addresses I have tried haven’t worked.