Memo To Staff: NYT Night Rewrite Integrates With Web Newsroom & CND

In another example of how job descriptions are changing in our Web 2.0 world, the night rewrite reporters at the New York Times are becoming part of the Web newsroom and the continuous news desk, according to a staff memo obtained by Nieman Lab.

Inaugurating the more web-focused rewrite coverage will be Anahad O’Connor of Continuous News, Derrick Henry, a national web producer who also writes for Continuous News, and Sarah Wheaton, formerly of The Caucus and currently a night producer. One of them will be on duty each night of the week.

These three will continue to perform many of the traditional tasks of night rewrite, like making metro cop checks, watching the late news and jumping on the big breaking story for both print and the Web. But their canvas will be broader: Can The Lede blog use an update at 8 p.m.? What about reaction to an Obama press conference for The Caucus? And bending traditional job definitions, how about getting audio to go with coverage of the latest political scandal in Albany? We also hope they can fill in gaps in Web coverage on running foreign stories, serving as a transition between the early CND reporters in New York and Mark [McDonald] in Hong Kong.

Smart move on the NYT’s part. But at the pace things are changing, they’ll probably have to shuffle things around again in just a few years.