Want to Crash a Party Today? You’re Paying for it Either Way

Today the 113th Congress gets sworn in, and there’s nothing those people love more than celebrating themselves.

Since lawmakers (allegedly) work for us and we’re paying, I thought it only appropriate that you be abreast of their parties in case you wanted to stop by and say hello and eat and drink the food and beverages you are paying for every time they vote on an issue that matters to you. After all, it shouldn’t just be lobbyists seeking more of our money, so here’s the list…

Note to Readers: An AnonymASS source wrote in to complain about our headline, saying that lawmakers can’t use taxpayer money for any of the food or drink at today’s parties. “Maybe check with ethics before writing a headline like this,” ASS suggests. Good advice. So we checked. Our Hill sources say the parties can be paid for from campaign coffers. So whoever donates to the lawmaker pays for the party.

10:30-12:30Ben Cardin (D)106 Dirksen
11:00-3:00Chris Murphy (D)406 Dirksen SOB
11:00-3:00Martin Heinrich (D)Library of Congress Members Room (Jefferson Building)Claire_Stein-Ross@transition.senate.gov
11:30-1:00Joe Donnelly (D)131 C Street, SE
11:30-3:00Claire McCaskill (D)562 Dirksen SOBswearingin@mccaskill.senate.gov
12:00-2:30Bob Menedez (D)419 Dirksen SOB
12:00-3:00Bob Casey (D)G-50 Dirksen SOB
12:00-3:00Debbie Stabenow (D)Ag Committee
12:00-3:00Sherrod Brown (D)538 Dirksen SOB
12:00-3:00Tom Carper (D)342 Dirksen SOB
2:00-5:00Amy Klobuchar (D)385 Russell SOB
2:00-5:00Sheldon Whitehouse (D)430 Dirksen SOB
3:00-4:30Heidi Heitkamp (D)Budget Cmte 608 Dirksen SOBschimanski@donschimanski.com
6:00-8:00Dick Durbin/IL Deleg./Fresh Dem Senate ClassBobby Van’s Grille 1201 New York Ave NWprairiersvp@gmail.com
8:00-9:30Cheri Bustos (D)NDC 30 Ivy Street, SEjennifer@frostgroup.net
9:00-10:00CBC Swearing in CeremonyCongressional North Room Capitol Visitors Center
9:00-11:00Dan Maffei (D)422 Cannon HOBJennifer@A-TeamDC.com
9:00-12:00John Barrow (D)2202 Rayburn HOBsofia@barrowforcongress.com
9:30-11:30Cheri Bustos (D)1009 Longworth HOBinfo@cheribustos.com
9:30-11:30Ron Barber (D)1029 Longworth HOBmikaela.ober.schuster@mail.house.gov
10:00-1:00 Ann McLane Kuster (D)137 Cannon HOBrepkusterrsvp@gmail.com
10:00-1:00Frank Pallone (D)237 Cannon HOB
10:00-12:00Tim Bishop (D)306 Cannon HOBMolly Allen
10:00-2:00Allyson Schwartz (D)1227 Longworth HOBemily.haas@mail.house.gov
10:00-2:00Rick Nolan (D)MN Deleg. Reception B-354  Rayburn HOBEmily Tranter 202/544-9896
10:00-2:00Denny Heck (D)425 Cannon HOB
10:00-3:00Derek Kilmer (D)1429 Longworth HOBkilmerRSVP@gmail.com
11:00-2:00Joaquin Castro (D)212 Cannon HOBmatthew@castroforcongress.com
11:00-2:30David Cicilline (D)128 Cannon HOBCicillineRSVP@gmail.com
11:00-3:00Kyrsten Sinema (D)1237 Longworth HOBintern@krystensinema.com
12:00-1:00Joyce Beatty (D)LoC Jefferson Building, Kluge Roombeattyforcongress@gmail.com
12:00-2:00Pete Gallego (D)431 Cannon HOBsophie@petegallego.com
12:00-4:00Ami Bera (D)1408 Longworth HOBabera@beraforcongress.com
12:00-4:00Scott Peters (D)2410 Rayburn HOB
1:00-4:00Raul Ruis (D)1319 Longworth HOBinfo@drraulruiz.com
2:00-4:00Chris Van Hollen (D)1100 Longworth HOBsmantha@vanhollen.org
2:00-4:00Ann Kirkpatrick (D)330 Cannon HOBnettiesilleck@gmail.com or jnzamani@gmail.com
2:00-4:00Ron Kind (D)1502 Longworth HOBRSVPswearingin@gmail.com. 
2:00-5:00Mark Pocan  (D)313 Cannon HOBlyoung@politicaldg.com
3:00-5:00Rick Nolan (D)Family & Friends Reception – 150 North Carolina Ave. SEDotti Mavromatis 202/547-0945
3:00-5:00Tammy Duckworth (D)DAV, 807 Maine Ave, SW
3:00-6:00Julia Brownley (D)1019 Longworth HOBjonathan@juliabrownley.com
3:30-5:30Patrick Murphy (D)MEBA / Flying Bridge 444 N Capitol Staimee@patrickmurphy2012.com
4:00-6:00Steven Horsford (D)1330 Longworth HOBmwilliams@stevenhorsford.com
4:00-6:00Tim Walz (D)1034 Longworth HOBdenise.fleming@mail.house.gov
4:00-6:00Eric Swalwell (D)501 Cannon HOBMolly Allen
5:30-7:30Lois Capps (D)38 Ivy Streetlois.capps@ericksoncompany.com
6:00-7:00Marcia Fudge (D)Charlie Palmer’s Steak 101 Constitution Ave, NWymwdc@yahoo.com or JVieburg@gmail.com
6:30-8:30Reps. Kirkpatrick, Barber, Sinema (AZ)The Dubliner 520 North Capitol Street NWnettiesilleck@gmail.com or jnzamani@gmail.com
7:00-8:30Joe Garcia (D)324 Independence Ave SEjoe.garcia@ericksoncompany.com
2:30-3:30Deb Fischer (R )106 Dirksen SOBLarissa Martinez 228-0923
11:30-2:30Roger Wicker (R)555 Dirksen SOBhall_carter@wicker.senate.gov
3:00-5:00Dean Heller (R)361 A Russell SOBCorinne_Zakzeski@heller.senate.gov 
9:00-12:00Steve Womack (R)1119 Longworth HOBJordan.Bearden@mail.house.gov
9:00-12:00David Schweikert (R)1205 Longworth HOBMatthew.Tully@mail.house.gov
9:00-2:00Mike Fitzpatrick (R)B340 Rayburn HOBAndrew@theodorecompany.com 
9:00-2:00Pat Meehan (R)204 Cannon HOBAndrew@theodorecompany.com 
9:00-4:00Mike Pompeo (R)107 Cannon HOBalexa.tigert@mail.house.gov
10:00-11:00Andy Barr (R)1432 Longworth HOBAndrew@theodorecompany.com 
10:00-4:30Tom Rice (R)325 Cannon HOB
11:00-1:00Steve Scalise (R)2338 Rayburn HOBTyler.Daniel@mail.house.gov
11:00-1:00Doug Collins (R)House Committee on Judiciary Library RoomAndrew@theodorecompany.com
11:00-1:00Richard Hudson (R)Agriculture Committee 1300 Longworth HOBashlee@reidpolitical.com
11:00-2:00Scott Garrett (R)2232 Rayburn HOBKatherine.Bloodgood@mail.house.gov 
11:00-2:30Tom Reed (R)1504 Longworth HOBsteve.pfrang@mail.house.gov
11:00-3:00Lynn Jenkins (R)1027 Longworth HOBannnie@lynnjenkins.com
11:00-3:00Trent Franks (R)2435 Rayburn HOBRandy.Kutz@mail.house.gov
12:00-1:00 Bob Goodlatte (R)cbroughton@bobgoodlatte.com 
12:00-1:00Tom Cotton (R)415 Cannon HOB
12:00-4:00Dennis Ross (R)229 Cannon HOBhgodwin@grandvc.com 
12:00-5:00Todd Rokita (R)236 Cannon HOBjoe@catalystgroupllc.com
1:00-2:00Doug Collins (R)513 Cannon HOBAndrew@theodorecompany.com
1:00-3:00Randy Hultgren (R)332 Cannon HOBMischa.Fisher@mail.house.gov
1:00-3:00David McKinley (R)412 Cannon HOBAndrew@theodorecompany.com 
1:00-3:00Richard Hudson (R)429 Cannon HOBashlee@reidpolitical.com
1:00-3:00Thomas Massie (R)314 Cannon HOBlauren.wills@mail.house.gov
1:00-4:00Mike Kelly (R)1519 Longworth HOBtim.butler@mail.house.gov
2:00-3:00Chris Collins (R)1117 Longworth HOB
2:00-3:00Susan Brooks (R)1501 Longworth HOB
2:00-4:00Richard Hanna (R)319 Cannon HOBCarla.Virgilio@mail.house.gov 
2:00-4:00Rodney Davis (R)
2:00-4:00Aaron Schock (R)328 Cannon HOBDave.Natonski@mail.house.gov
2:00-4:00Ann Wagner (R)435 Cannon HOBlaura@annwagner.com
2:00-4:00Steve Stivers (R)1022 Longworth HOBmonica.hueckel@mail.house.gov
3:00-4:00Austin Scott (R)516 Cannon HOB
3:00-5:00Kevin Yoder (R)215 Cannon HOBKristen.Bell@mail.house.gov
3:00-6:00Daniel Benishek (R)514 Cannon HOB
4:30-6:00David Joyce (R) and BradWestrup (R)Capitol Hill Club, 300 First St, SEmvanblargan@epiphanyproductions.com; :jennifer@bogartassociates.com
5:00-7:00Georgia Deleg. Reception439 New Jersey Ave, SEAndrew@theodorecompany.com
5:00-7:00Michael McCaul (R)900 East Capitol Street, NEjessica.nalepa@mail.house.gov 
5:30-7:00Steve Daines (R)AGC Townhouse, 53 D Street, SERSVP@bellwethergroup.net
5:30-7:00Cory Gardner (R)Charlie Palmersjcramton@stevegordon.com
5:30-7:30Andy Barr (R)National Mining Assn 101 Constitution Suite 500rhaughey@theodorecompany.com