Luxury Retailer Reveals Impressive Facebook Feat

Today, LA based Melrose Jewelers is basking in the kind of PR any local retailer would kill for: a flattering write-up in the New York Times business section.

According to the latest “You’re the Boss” column, the three-year-old, 70-employee online purveyor of luxury watches cranked up its Facebook likes to the 10,000 range and then pulled off something even more impressive. It turned those likes into credit card numbers and expiration dates:

Melrose Jewelers ran four Facebook campaigns simultaneously over a five-month period–including one in December that the company credits with attracting $100,000 in sales. “We came up with a concept of associating a [Rolex] watch with a person’s identity,” said director of marketing Kyle Mitnick

The company created a quiz that asked a series of questions and tied the person’s personality to a specific watch. The answers were posted on the quiz taker’s Facebook page.

Mitnick tells NYT contributor MP Mueller that the cost of creating and administering the quiz totaled $7,160, leaving one would hope plenty for a few well-deserved employee bonuses.

[To take the Melrose Jewelers quiz, click here]