Make Every Tweet A Musical Note With Melotweet

You love Twitter so much you would marry it, but some days it’s just the same old ho hum and you’ve been searching for something (non-icky) to spice the experience up.

Melotweet resolves this dilemma, turning tweets into musical notes (on your iPad or Android tablet) and also adding a cut little gaming element.

It’s enough to get you over the hump when you’re bored – trust me.

Melotweet asks, “What if Twitter ceased to be a tool to become a toy?”

Designed for iPad and Android tablets, the melotweet app by evian will make you interact in a fresh new way with your timeline, while preserving the key features of Twitter.

And that last part is important, of course, as Twitter ain’t playin no games with apps providing inconsistent Twitter experiences.

How’s it work?

Each tweet is a “drop” that falls on your screen and as each tweets hits an object (that you place on the screen), it creates a musical note. You really need to watch the video below to see what I mean.

You can catch the drops to interact with the tweets (reply, retweet, favorite and such). And you drop them in the water when done to delete them from the page.

And you can make the whole thing go really fast – which is GREAT for you manic types.

And here it is in action:

Will you be downloading this app?

(Image from Melotweet)