Melissa Block Is Leaving All Things Considered

The longtime host will move into a reporting role at NPR.

Melissa Block will step down as anchor of NPR’s All Things Considered, the organization announced this morning. Block, who has been co-host of the flagship news show for over 12 years, is moving into a new role at NPR as a special correspondent. Her last day as host will be Aug. 14.

As special correspondent, Block will “produce richly reported profiles of figures at the forefront of thought and culture, as well as long-form stories and series on the critical issues of our day,” according to the announcement.

Before she was host, the 30-year NPR vet began her public radio career at All Things Considered as an editorial assistant, moving up the ranks to become the show’s senior producer before leaving the show a first time to serve as a reporter and correspondent for NPR.

Block, whose voice is a daily part of so many listeners’ lives, was asked in a 2013 interview how she felt about hearing herself on the radio. Her response:

Oh god—that’s an ongoing struggle. It’s funny because when I go back and listen to the first stories I did as a host I kind of cringe. It’s been an evolution. If I listen back [to the first broadcasts I hosted] now I think I just sound stiffer. A lot of it is just sinking into the role. Just like anything, the more you do it the more comfortable you get.

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