Melinda Henneberger Is Out at Roll Call

She had been there for less than a year.

Roll Call editor in chief Melinda Henneberger has left the organization, confirmed a source close to CQ Roll Call.

Henneberger had been in her position for less than a year, joining at the beginning of November. Her departure continues the succession of changes the organization has been going through for more than a year. Those include significant numbers of both new hires and departures, a redesigned website and a reimagining of the publication’s mission.

Henneberger, in an email to Politico’s Hadas Gold, who first broke the story, explained how some of those changes put her at odds with management:

I balked at a plan to make such deep cuts to staff that I feared the place wouldn’t survive them, and further felt that such cuts were unnecessary since the place is profitable, though not making the projected 25 percent profit margin that management is intent on cutting its way to, no matter what the long-term toll on the organization. We also disagreed over the new site, which has serious technical problems that I felt should be addressed instead of hidden from the Economist Group.

And while many described issues with the upper upper ranks of leadership at CQ Roll Call, some took issue with the particulars of Henneberger’s tenure, including a sense that she was “disengaged” and a lack of effort on her part to stem the departures under her watch, according to Gold’s unnamed sources.

Those departures have included Hannah Hess, Kyle Trygstad, Matt Fuller and Stuart Rothenberg, who wrote at the time of his departure that he was “increasingly unhappy with Roll Call’s coverage, believing that they are chasing the story of the day, especially Trump.”

But editorial hasn’t been the only side dealing with big exits. In May, publisher Beth Bronder and associate publisher Mary Cadwallader left the publication.