Mel Karmazin: Merger Good For the Country


You have to hand it to Mel Karmazin, who, as CEO of Sirius, has tirelessly spearheaded the campaign to merge with XM satellite radio. Analysts differ wildly in their predictions as to what will ultimately happen. This is partly because of the aggressiveness with which terrestrial radio — represented via the National Association of Broadcasters — is fighting this merger with everything but the kitchen sink.

Still, as the fight becomes progressively more uphill, Karmazin’s rhetoric soars to meet the occasion. From FMQB:

”’Speaking at yesterday’s Merrill Lynch Media & Entertainment Conference, Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin again spoke up in favor of the proposed satellite radio merger. While discussing the state of Sirius, Karmazin said that a merger between his company and XM would save their subscribers money, which is ‘good for the country.”’

Cue the John Philip Sousa march.