Will Audiences Give a Dam About Mel Gibson’s Film The Beaver?

Yesterday, movie news website ComingSoon.net spied some promotional images for the Jodie Foster directed comedy-drama The Beaver at the American Film Market in Santa Monica. Faster than you can say “sugar logs”, other sites were picking up on this delicious AFM scoop.

In the Summit Entertainment comedy-drama, Mel Gibson plays a deranged man who walks around with a beaver puppet, treating it as if it were real. The new promo shot of Gibson with the puppet is, well, priceless. He is holding a note that reads:

Hello. This person is under the care of a prescription puppet. Please treat him as you normally would, but address yourself to the puppet.

As if a movie starring Mel in 2010 isn’t problematic enough, there is also the matter of the circa-1960’s vernacular of the title. The over-the-top prize for picking up on that angle, at this early news cycle stage, goes to Florida based ReelMovieNews.com with the headline “Photo of Mel Gibson With His Hand in Jodie Foster’s Beaver!”