MeinKalender Is Facebook's Fastest Growing Application

Two calendar applications take triumphant leaps forward on the weekly growth leaderboard, but the true competition rests between the returning question applications and the slowly slipping page creation tools.

Two calendar applications take triumphant leaps forward on the weekly growth leaderboard, but the true competition rests between the returning question applications and the slowly slipping page creation tools. Read on, and for more in-depth statistics take a look at our detailed tool used to build this countdown.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDAUMAUWeekly Growth
1. MeinKalender501,0582,766,9432,363,529
2. Static HTML: iframe tabs2,252,91935,387,9972,267,811
3. 21 questions1,926,93618,458,5921,725,941
4. MyCalendar331,8432,047,7051,472,002
5. Friend Buzz155,1365,445,040824,474
6. Yahoo!10,230,56717,641,770711,011
7. Global Warfare218,0694,692,428675,178
8. Truth Game744,5207,525,209615,545
9. Truths About You513,8905,123,115498,246
10. Socialbox402,8962,059,437471,688
11. Gardens of Time3,886,24915,576,090465,339
12. Gourmet Ranch398,2762,230,621464,485
13. Harry Potter69,9891,373,661452,690
14. Hosted iFrame187,8392,587,457421,365
15. Between You and Me545,9935,703,084419,755
16. Sayfalar için Hosgeldiniz Sekmesi – Davet ve Begen butonlu!63,8411,009,930419,587
17. Welcome tab app for Pages407,8277,908,649411,684
18. Get Revealed364,0123,595,859403,851
19. Sinematik!246,966830,236371,931
20. Bandsintown155,3142,697,776371,742

Get Organized

Taking 19 massive steps forward, German application MeinKalender makes it easy to remember and organize birthdays of those close to you on the social network. The calendar app kicks off our countdown with a 2,363,529 increase. Just three places behind, similar English alternative MyCalendar‘s 1,472,002 adds helps in its excellent seven day progression.

Create A Page

Page creation tools take a hit overall but still manage to leave a notable impression as fastest growing apps. Static HTML: iframe tabs is ousted from its comfortable No. 1 perch, and its weekly growth total of 2,267,811 has it setting for second. The 421,365 page views and tabs built total for Hosted iFrame puts it in the 14th position.

Sayfalar için Hosgeldiniz Sekmesi slips this time around, but a 419,587 finish has it hanging on in the 16th spot. Welcome Tabs For Pages places in 17th seeing a 411,684 increase.

Get Questioned

Making a massive return to the countdown, the competition between question applications is on once more. Leading the pack in third place, 21 questions welcomes 1,725,941 new curious minds. Friend Buzz also returns after a long absence as it skyrockets to fifth with the help of 824,474 social networkers.

In the eighth and ninth spots respectively, Truth Game and Truths About You rest comfortably; the first finishes with a 615,545 growth total while the second welcomes an additional 498,246 quiz-takers.

The second half of this week’s countdown includes Between You And Me who completes the week with a 419,755 15th place finish. Newcomer Get Revealed has 403,851 Facebook friends answering questions about one another – an 18th place first time appearance.

Stay Connected

Yahoo connects accounts with Facebook to create an easy constant conversation. The application has reached an impressive monthly and daily active user total, but its 711,011 weekly growth total helps it take the sixth position.

Though it takes a four spot drop to tenth, desktop chat app Socialbox finishes the week acquiring 471,688 new talkative Facebook users.

Game On

It is a seventh place finish for Global Warfare; 675,178 new gamers are off to war. Kicking off the second half of the countdown, Playdom’s Gardens Of Time increases by 465,339 players.

After an extended absence, Gourmet Ranch returns to land in the 12th position; 464,485 people are constructing their own ranches.

Movies And Videos

Watch various clips surrounding the latest Harry Potter release on this application that earned a 452,690 increase – a 13th place finish. In Turkey, the view totals continue to increase for Sinematik. Landing in the 19th spot, the video clip service accrues a 371,931 weekly growth increase.

Rock On

It is always excited to see when musicians add new tour dates, and BandsInTown is continuing to be the growing tool of choice for these annoucements; the application helps 371,742 musicians to end the week in the 20th position.

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