Meghan McCain’s D.C. Snub Gets Dirty, Sexy and Political

Slate‘s Dave Weigel wouldn’t attend a Meghan McCain book party. He says he’s not on the D.C. cocktail circuit (although, funny, we’ve seen him there a few times. But we’ll presume he means high society cocktails). He says reporters/pundits who are concerned with news are not concerned with The Daily Beast‘s McCain or her book, Dirty, Sexy Politics.

Politico publishes a piece by Patrick Gavin this afternoon (complete with Weigel’s remarks) assessing why McCain hasn’t endeared herself to D.C. media and why McCain, with all the grace of a rhinoceros, skipped D.C. on her cross-country book tour. In the story, a McCain spokeswoman insists the young author stuck to national outlets because few members of the D.C. media expressed interest in interviewing McCain.

But lack of interest amongst D.C. media isn’t necessarily true. Washington Examiner‘s Nikki Schwab, who’s still bristling after McCain blocked her on Twitter, says, “Yep, I’d go!” This, even after sniffing over Twitter this afternoon, “I’m still blocked.” It’s unclear whether or not The Weekly Standard/Daily Caller‘s Matt Labash would attend. But he does appreciate the budding author’s cleavage-bearing Twitter pictures (clearly she hasn’t yet blocked him. But more importantly, she hasn’t had a chance to. Labash, the unabashed Twitter hater isn’t officially on Twitter). Even the author, Gavin, said he’d go. “Sure!” he replied when asked if he’d attend, even as his story makes the case for why McCain might rightly avoid D.C.

Read the story here.