Meghan McCain: Welcome to the Jungle

With Twitter being like a schoolyard and some tweeters acting as bullies, there was no way MSNBC’s newest contributor was going to get away with her flub so easily. Last night on Twitter Meghan McCain gave the feeding frenzy  — more than 120,000 followers — a piece of bloody red meat as she did the unthinkable: She called herself a “correspondent” as opposed to the “contributor” that she is. She deleted it and said she meant to say contributor. “Enough re-tweets are out there to show the original,” relayed a Washington reporter to FBDC. “Kinda funny. What was sad was her blaming it on auto text correct.”

But is that really what’s sad?

After Current TV’s David Shuster politely wrote to ask whether she was a contributor or a correspondent, she tweeted back: “@DavidShuster contributor – apologies, autocorrect :-)”

Daughter of a senator. Author of a splashy book, Dirty Sexy Money, and America You Sexy Bitch (yes, we’re serious) slated for July 4. Recipient of job offer after job offer for what many see as the direct result of being the outspoken daughter to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). Soon Chelsea Clinton will face the same wrath on NBC’s “Rock Center” and it won’t be pretty. The journo masses don’t take kindly to sudden colleagues who haven’t earned their stripes. Or, at least earned them in ways they see as weak or inappropriate. They don’t like it when things come too easily. For anyone, but especially young journalists with famous last names.

The haters included Iowahawkblog’s David Burge who wrote, “Meghan McCain, Luke Russert, Chelsea Clinton. NBC has more hereditary idiots than an Middle East dictatorship. #ThePlaceForNepotism.” Then came Houston blogger, Christian, and mother Melissa Clouthier, who wrote, “Why do I feel more justified than ever for my scorn of Meghan McCain? Ugh. What an idiot.” (Unclear whether she’s the idiot or if that’s McCain.) And Sen. Jim DeMint‘s (R-S.C.) Speechwriter Amanda Carpenter snipped, “Worth noting–must be nice to be a president’s or candidate’s daughter if you want to do TV. Jenna Bush hired by NBC, Meghan McCain MSNBC.”

Names she was called and ways she was described Monday: Nasty witch, goddess, no one takes her seriously, not qualified. But in the end, perhaps her father’s words held the most impact. He wrote her a special note on Twitter: “Great job in providing a rational viewpoint on MSNBC today. I’m very proud.”

Last night after outrage over her mistake waned, she gave her “Twitterfam” the opportunity to ask her 10 questions. She wrote, “Alright twitterfam – 10 questions…. starting now! Ask me anything you want, haven’t done this in a long time.”  She answered the following seven questions. Perhaps the most fitting is the song she sang to herself Monday morning.

Favorite Muppet: Animal, I have a thing for drummers.

Last song you listened to and sang along? This morning when I was getting ready – Guns N’ Roses “Welcome to the Jungle”.

Are you a vegetarian? If not, do you feel guilty? I’m not a vegetarian. No, real women eat meat.

Who’s playing her in Game Change? Find out…

Who plays you in a movie about your life? @therealTiffany is playing me in Game Change.

Historically speaking who is your favorite politician? Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan.

Twilight or Harry Potter? Neither, I choose The Hunger Games.

What are you hoping shows at BNAT? I want more horror and violence than last year, that’s all. Can’t wait to see everyone!