Meghan McCain to Debut on MSNBC at Noon

If you’ve been holding your breath for Meghan McCain’s first appearance as a contributor on MSNBC, the wait is over. She’ll debut as an MSNBC Contributor today at noon on “NOW With Alex Wagner.”

“I couldn’t more be excited to be joining the MSNBC family,” said McCain in a release issued this morning. “It’s a unique opportunity to share my perspective as a Republican on a network I respect and have built a relationship with over the past two years.”

Her bio says she’s a Daily Beast columnist, the daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and that she wrote Dirty Sexy Politics. All true. But it also says that during college she worked at Newsweek and SNL. “Work” may be a bit strong. She was an intern at Newsweek and SNL.