Checking up on Meghan McCain

It’s been slow going over at The Daily Beast‘s and MSNBC Contributor Meghan McCain’s blog. No, that’s not a commentary on her intelligence, but it could be. She just hasn’t been writing much lately. Maybe she has come to believe, as many other have, that her putting her thoughts into the world violates the Geneva Conventions? It’s more likely that she’s just busy doing other stuff, “’n’ stuff.”

Whatever the case, I decided to take the equivalent of printed emetics (Google it) and check her blog to see what her last thoughts were.

They regarded the movie “The Hunger Games.”

The stupid…it hurts.

Aside from linking to a video of star Elizabeth Banks answering a question from a fan, the post consisted of the following:

“Obviously I haven’t seen The Hunger Games yet, but I have read the books. I love a young adult story that celebrates a woman fighting and being independent, rather than just marrying the man being the whole point of the movie (like Twilight). The film is full of strong female characters like Effie, played by Elizabeth Banks.”

OK, I’m fighting the emetics now, but here we go…

She loves “a young adult story that celebrates a woman fighting and being independent.” Um, they’re trying to kill each other. Forget about all the themes and messages in the story, at the end of it all, they’re supposed to kill each other. Think “The Running Man” with less testosterone and steroid abuse.

But forget about that stupidity, the next stupidity is why McCain should not be able to write, speak or think without an editor.

The first eight words are “Obviously I haven’t seen The Hunger Games yet…” That’s because she wrote the post the day the movie opened. Fine. But the last line starts, “The film is full of strong female characters…”

How could she know this without having seen the movie? She couldn’t. But lack of knowledge has never stopped her from speaking before. Hell, it’s why she got a contributor role at MSNBC in the first place.

She could have easily said, “The book is…” because it is, and that’s the entirety of her knowledge on the subject. But people were talking about the movie, not the book, so she decided to make it up. Either that or she doesn’t know the difference between what a book and a movie are and that they sometimes change significantly from one to the other. But it’s more likely that she just didn’t think before she hit the “publish” button.

Dear Meghan, please sue Columbia University. Regardless of what your parents paid for your degree, you were ripped off.

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