Please Drink Responsibly With Meghan McCain

There’s just something about Meghan McCain that makes people want to drink. Perhaps a more accurate word to use is “NEED.”

The MSNBC Contributor, Daily Beast columnist and daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) announced to the Twitterverse, “Random people always want to drink beer with me – and I with them.”

In the abstract… beer might seem like a fine choice, but in practice I suspect hard liquor is more in order. Though if you played a drinking game of taking a sip, even of beer, every time she said “and stuff” or “like,” you’d be dead inside of an hour.

Still, McCain, who then got into it with some challenging followers, continued her train of thought by getting into an antagonizing interaction with comedian Michael Ian Black. “No, I just love drinking beer in America with Americans. Good lord you of all people know this about me,” she wrote, adding that he drinks baby bottles. He corrected her, saying that he drinks from baby bottles, and concluded, “Bitch, you know I drink Bud Light Platinum. That’s my JAM!!!”