Meghan McCain Has Some Advice for President Obama

How bad are things for VPOTUS Biden lately? They’re so bad that even Meghan McCain is criticizing his gaffes and suggesting he be dropped from the Democrat ticket. While she doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on, that she even has a toe to do it speaks volumes about how poor a ticket-mate the former Senator from Delaware is.

But Meghan couldn’t write an entire piece without reminding the reader of just how clueless she is.

On her suggested replacement for Biden on the ticket, she suggests Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Why?

Putting aside the fact that the Middle East is in shambles, engaged in civil wars and on the verge of a major regional war, Megs thinks Hilary is “…such a diplomatic badass, she’s one of the few women on the planet who can pull off wearing a scrunchie and still look cool.”

The whole piece is an insult to the keyboard on which she typed it, but that she would write that line is reason enough to point and laugh.