Meghan McCain Extends Personal, Topsy Turvy Sympathy to Steele

Meghan McCain is a go-getter when it comes to promoting her column in The Daily Beast. Over the weekend while Michael “Shut up” Steele was still fresh in people’s minds and with his fiery appearance on “Fox News Sunday”, McCain heavily promoted her Monday Daily Beast column on the Republican National Committee Chairman.

She tweeted, “Watch out for my new column about Michael Steele coming out tomorrow on The Daily Beast!” And hour later: “I write a column on, tomorrow’s column – the subject will be the RNC chair Michael Steele (to make it perfectly clear).”

In another tweet that day, just to kill any mystery of her thoughts, she tweeted, “Dear Michael Steele, I don’t care why or how you became the leader of the RNC, how about giving leading a shot?”

Then, astonishingly, came her column today. Sure, he’s “immature” at times, she writes, but “there’s plenty to respect.”

She writes:
“I understand from personal experience how hard it is to be criticized by fellow Republicans. There is something that particularly stings about negative comments by people whose side you are on.”